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Default Re: I miss what this place used to be

I've been coming here since...ekhhhh... the late 90's? I've had a bunch of different user names, and I never really contributed that much. But I'd pop in every now and again, and I still read it quite a bit.

It's weird for me because - and don't take this the wrong way - but the Bboys are and have always been my favorite group of any genre, and I still listen to their records almost every day. So to me they're just as active as ever....... but then I remember that they're not (at least not in the way I remember them), and that MCA is dead, and that this place barely gets a dozen people to reply to anything.

It all just petered out so quietly. No big group break-up, no shutting down of the website when the band retired, so scandal that ended the whole Beastie train.

I just wasn't looking and it all stopped. I never met them and they never even knew I existed, but I felt like I saw the Boys every day for decades. Now... I dunno. Maybe I'll be getting a sandwich sometime and bump into Adrock. What would I say? "When's the new album coming out?" "How's Biz Markie?"
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