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Default Re: I miss what this place used to be

I had an opinion

Then I realized I was wrong so I changed my opinion

I had an opinion

Then I learned something new. The new information leads me to change my opinion

I had an opinion

Then I realized I did not know all the facts, so again I learned something new and changed my opinion

I donít understand why people call me all of these things for changing my opinions.

Seems to me if I learn something new and donít modify my thoughts accordingly, that would be worse. According to my fellow colleges, seems I should make an opinion and stick to it no matter how bad it is. I should even fight and stir shit up once I realize Iím wrong. I should just fight harder to make sure people think my wrong is right.

Or just change my opinion and be known as some wishy washy guy who cant make up his mind.

Unfortunately I have this issue of not giving a fuck about bullshit, so I just say how a really feel for better or worse. The funniest thing is how a room full of people bust out laughing when I speak a hard truth that nobody wants to say.

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