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Originally Posted by dave790 View Post
this may seem sacrilege, but Iím not particularly fussed about unreleased 90s material. always felt CYH and IC (+ bsides) were the strongest representation of those years jamming at G-Son. I almost donít want to know about the endless hours of jamming behind ithose albums, although I admit it holds some interest. People used to talk about the vault, especially in regards to HN, but I canít help but the feel that the HN reissue bonus disc represents the sort of material excised. And, 95% of the time, itís dispensable.

What I am far more interested in is the unreleased HSC material / part one (or the material originally slated for part two). These are fully formed tracks! And from something of a late golden era for the boys.
I want to hear the unreleased track, "The Jerry Lewis". It was recorded during the Paul's Boutique years.

Anything recorded in the 80's, I want to hear.
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