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Arrow Re: Seeking Paul's Boutique stereo instrumentals

Originally Posted by Uru-Nitro View Post
I have a zip file called

Pauls Boutique Show Vinyl [].zip

with a nice bunch of instrumentals. I can't tell if they are mono or stereo, but being from beastiemixes it's probably what you are looking for.

PM me and Ill send you a dw link (149Mb)

If you have a program where you can view the waveform it's pretty easy. You'd open the file and see two waveforms, one on the top and one directly below that. The top is the left channel and the bottom is the right. If they are different that would indicate stereo. If they're exactly the same it's a mono file. Or, if you open the file and it's only one waveform, that's also mono.
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