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Originally Posted by dave790 View Post
Not for me. I think the book release and tour represents some real closure for Mike and Adam as well as the fans. Also, and this may seem sacrilege, but Iím not particularly fussed about unreleased 90s material. always felt CYH and IC (+ bsides) were the strongest representation of those years jamming at G-Son. I almost donít want to know about the endless hours of jamming behind ithose albums, although I admit it holds some interest. People used to talk about the vault, especially in regards to HN, but I canít help but the feel that the HN reissue bonus disc represents the sort of material excised. And, 95% of the time, itís dispensable.

What I am far more interested in is the unreleased HSC material / part one (or the material originally slated for part two). These are fully formed tracks! And from something of a late golden era for the boys.
I agree with all of that word for word

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