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I was insanely lucky enough to go to both LA shows (shout out to YoungRemy on this board for letting me know 3MTA was selling his tickets here).

What an amazing show.

It was truly a tribute to New York and how they grew up. How they were just young kids obsessed with music, going out every night to shows and playing music all the time. They made sure to give owe to their biggest influences. There was this amazing video I'd never seen before, of Adrock sneaking onto a TV show that Afrika Bambaatta was on and asking him if he'd heard of a song called Cookie Puss. Hahaha.

The guys were super goofy the whole time. There was some "skits" and costumes. At the very beginning Mike just straight up leaves the stage and says he has something else to do haha. They would make fun of each other and go on tangents. They also have some inside joke whenever things would falter. One would look at the other and say "You know, you should get a dog." Obviously some kinda joke they've had for a long time.

They spent a lot of time on the early years .They acknowledged that when they became the beer-spewing, moshing, nasty Beasties that they kinda pushed Kate out of the group, and eventually realized they'd become toxic assholes.

They talked about the move to Los Angeles and made fun of AdRock's acting career by showing a clip from Lost Angels. Where the car goes into the pool and Adam makes a sexual kind of noise. They replayed this noise over and over haha. They talked about the crazy 70s house they rented and the clothing they found inside. The amazing Bob Dylan story as voiced by Tim Meadows.

It was all wrapped up with some beautiful tributes to Yauch. I'm sure this is all stuff covered in the book but man. It was pretty cool to see it in person.

People spotted: Mario C, Monkey Mark, Beck, Kathleen Hanna, John C. Reilly, Cut Chemist

If you wanna see some pics / videos you can see them on my instagram here -

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