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Friday was an unforgettable moment. We sat down next to the sound desk which was as close as we wanted to be. Such a privilege to be there for the last show as it felt as they were drawing a line under it all. The Don Cornelius/Soul Train part was so funny, which I told Mike on Saturday. Bumped into Don Letts and Simon Pegg at Fridays show too.

The signing was another great moment but very over organised and at times heavy handed. Was a waste dragging that Spike Jonze deck around for two days just on the off chance but hey ho. The guy at Waterstones in charge looked like ex-military so there was no point trying to take the piss.

Had a brief chat with Adam who was super friendly and welcoming. Mike was a little stony faced throughout but still got some smiles from him about the Soul Train part. Joked about the weather and that was it ushered off to the side very quickly.

What a weekend though. Now onto Cypress at Brixton on Wednesday for more Mix Master Mike
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