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Lightbulb Re: The Family Album

Ok, time for some more pictures since I haven't taken any new one of me for years. I've just taken these while I wait and practice some my Tae Kwon Do. I've only been doing it a month but I have a shiney white suit. I put the camera on the option 'take 1st pic after 10 seconds then take 4 pics, a second or so apart' option

So this is me in my ready stance

then I moved into a middle block

then a low block (actually I did two low blocks, this is the 2nd one which is why I am nearer and blocking with the same hand)

then I side kick (but I wasn't quick enough for the camera). My arse looks big in this but I don't care!

So yeah. There is me. I think the TKD suit (dobok) is kinda slimming, looking at my pics. Cus I'm a fat fucker - 16 stone/224 lbs/110 kg depending where you are and how you know weights, so if you want a suit that looks slim - get a Dobok!

edit - sorry about the Batman tilt of the camera. It was balanced and started to slip as the pictures was taken...

Everyday should be a holiday...

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