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Default Re: Best Live video performance or bootleg?

Originally Posted by dave790 View Post
I fucking love that final televised performance on Fallon.
Agreed, but I was talking more full shows or concerts. I still stick with Glasgow '99 as I think that's when they were at their peak while showing off their diversity (punk, Hip-hop, instrumentals, rock).

Live TV performances could be another thread or discussion.

With late night performances, they never seem to miss and always deliver.
I love all the ones everyone has already mentioned.

- Whatcha Want w/ Cypress Hill on Arsenio in '92
- Whatcha Want on Jimmy Fallon
- Sucker MC's on Hip Hop Honours

Also to add to the list
- Ch-Check It Out on Letterman in '04. This hands down one of the best letterman performances too.
- The New Style on Dave Chappelle Show.
- Body Movin' on The Chris Rock Show
- Sure Shot, Ricky's Theme, Heart Attack Man on SNL in '94.
- Intergalactic / 3 MC's 1 DJ on the MVA's
- Right Right, Now Now / Shazam feat. Dougie E. Fresh on Conan in '04

- Honorable mention goes to Time To Get Ill on Joan Rivers and Live at PJ's on Letterman for them not being singles.

Any bootleggers out there reading this, you should make a proper best of TV performance record with some of those tunes.

*Edit here is a youtube playlist. Feel free to add to it if you can. bgvM9MEyu

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