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Originally Posted by insertnamehere View Post
speaking from an "i'm straight and love boys but find females attractive and may or may not be aroused by explicit material involving two or more women" point of view...
i think vaginas are kinda gross... i'm not sure if thats what you were reffering to as the main attraction... i think penii look kinda gross too though, and they're pretty awesome, but just looking at them does nothing for me, so i guess thats about the same
mostly what i would find attractive in a woman is a nice waist, nice hips... boobs with a good shape, not unnecessarily big, actually really big i think is kind of unattractive, and of course a good face... tummys are nice.... ummm.... yeah

also, i love having my boobies, um... how to put this.... caressed and otherwise stimulated. LOVE. and i would think that doing the same to someone else would be enjoyable, hypothetically, due to the fact that you would enjoy knowing how much the other person was enjoying said activities.

this post makes me sound really gay
I find myself attracted to women in a sense they demand respect by solely just looking at you. Wait- no. I'm not attracted to (sexually), I just ADMIRE them. I appreciate a sophisticated facey.
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