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Default Re: I miss what this place used to be

Originally Posted by Dorothy Wood View Post
Me too. My life is pretty hard right now, but I don't wanna talk about it specifically, this place seems not so anonymous anymore. It's maybe gonna get better though. I'm weirdly calm about the chaos happening. Also I'm pretty sure I have aspergers, I've talked about it before here. I never know how to respond to people correctly, and often people are mad at me for not being enthusiastic enough. Or people think I'm mad all the time, when I'm not...or get their feelings hurt because I'm insensitive to people's emotions. Anyway, the people close to me are understanding. The general public, no so much. But the public is full of dumbasses.

I'm old too, but I still get carded
I was diagnosed for Aspergers about 18 months ago! It took over two years.... It made me understand myself much better (all the collecting, failing in relationships, bad memory, emotionless for certain things, seeing small details, short attention span....)! Also now I get help cleaning and organizing at home (3 hours a week! ) and free dental care (as I've been scared of dentists) for four years to begin with. I don't know if it covers free teeth (I have two missing), but there could be a chance.

So This Is What I've Got To Say To You All
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