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Dear @all,

truthful sincere words of Mr LL Cool J and the others.

The whole weekend I was overwhelmed about Mr Yauch`s going home.Not only because of the fact, that the beastie boys are still one of my favorite "gangs", but the truth is, the 4th of may is the anniversery of death of my father, just 15 years ago.
(The truth, I promise).
So I didn`t get out of melancholy until today and thought about a real big tribute for MCA.
I know, it`s to early for stuff like that and it sounds maybe out of place for some of you.
But wouldn`t it be extraordinary, if Mr Diamond and Mr Horovitz would think in the future about a cinema movie, titled of course, "PWR 2 MCA". This film could not only be a historical view back, about the beginning and the sensational success of the bboys and other participated old schoolers.
It could be a movie for peace and international understanding. I really could imagine, everyone in the near environment is involved in that "project".( Maybe Including a speech of his wife, an explanation of the tibetan conflict, showing a bridge which was built to our black bros and sis, some episodes out of the heart from Mr Horovitz and Mr Diamond, fusioned and all mixed up with good, good music....).The benefit could partly be donated to human organisations or whatever you believe in.
Once a time I read, the best thing you can do, is to bother yourself, if you`re filled up with real big concerns, including a process for such a lost without trying to push it away.
I hope you could accept my rash thoughts and don`t misunderstand them.

Thank you.
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