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Default Beastie Boys + Marc Maron

i didnt note which episodes, but Maron mentioned Beastie Boys twice in the last few episodes, during his chats at the beginning - i think it was two separate ones:

In one he talks about being invited to a party by who he thought was Kathleen Hanna, but got there and it wasn't actually her who invited him - I'll let you find it (maybe someone remembers which ep it was) and listen. It's really interesting actually. I got a kick out of Adam's part.. they were a little too cool for him, haha

In another he mention that he's in the midst of reading the Beastie Boys Book. He speaks very highly of it. I feel like that party experience inspired him to read it.

I get the impression that he REALLY wants to have Mike and Adam on.

Not sure if it would be a very good interview, judging from his Paul McCartney interview.. although he knows the Lower East Side and NYC so in that regard they could really relate.
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