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Default Re: beastie book (spoilers)

the Nas element in TMR def feels disconnected to me. could tell from jumpstreet that it was an email affair. the bboys' versus border embarrassing at times as well, if im to be completely honest. Nas phoned his verse in too (almost literally), and im pretty sure they chopped his verse down from what he originally offered up, as the cadence is glaringly unnatural at times.

ultimately Nas feels shoe-horned into this one, whereas strictly our boys would have been more forgiving. that said, super duper psyched that they collabed with him anyhow, as it indicates a high degree of respect from both parties that they teamed up in the first place. a crossover of legends.

DPNG i thought was more fluid by comparison. didnt surprise me that Santi was more involved in the process for that joint, as indicated in the bible.....err, autobiography.

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