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Default Re: Lots of rare items for sale

Originally Posted by bigfatlove06 View Post
As it was explained to me by somebody who knows far more about it than I do... That was just standard practice at the time. If you create plate for whatever manufacturing company presses the vinyl in your region then you can either send that plate to one of many markets (then the run out grooves and such would be the same), create new plates and send those to multiple markets (which doesn't make sense because the have the ability to do it on their own), or send them master reels and let them manufacture the plates. It made sense to me. When the album was released I was 15 or 16, and it's the only master reel I have ever seen. So like the auction says, "I won't to pretend to be an expert on Master Reels. I'll just tell you what I know about this one."

And it is sitting on my kitchen table.

And if you want it to be sitting on your kitchen table you can do that for $400.
That does make sense. I used to own a reel-to-reel but alas, I didn't feel like lugging a trillion pound piece of archaic equipment around with me any more.

I do wonder how your reels sound after all these years. I think the quality of the tape mattered a lot. I know guys who have reggae reels from the 70s and they still play (not superbly, but it's fine), meanwhile I know musicians who've pulled their old reels out of their closets and they were basically dust. Then again, they probably bought shitty tape from some drug store to record their garage band while professional producers would buy actual good quality stuff.
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