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Default Re: Vaccine Nation

Of course they want to make money too. We live in a material world where you need money in order to survive. Who don't want to make monay?

But there is differents kind of approach to the way of making money. The main purpose, in alternative medecine, is to work with nature and human in a balance way. I am not saying that everything that this movement bring is fucking A and without corruption.

Anyway, it is a matter of choice and background. My opinion on vaccins are roots in my family and my surrounding since i am kiddo. We are 6 childrens, i am the second oldest in the family. My older brother and i where vaccinated , but i did not have all the shots because one time i react badly , so my mom decide that was it. So all my others siblings are unvaccinated. Some of my cousins and old family friend aren't either. So , that why i believe in more alternative medecine and that i don't believe in vaccins that much...

So, after this brief , superficial , lesson of my family history. I hope you guys understand a bit more where i am from and why i have this belief. But, when my daughter was born, i research and informed myself and i still do to this day, i though /think that my parents stance on the issue was/is still relevant.,

Ok, NOW , i am also done talking about this.

Let's not waste our time! Either way, i will still believe that my truth is worthy and you will still think yours is too

All i want to say is that I love trees.

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