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Default Re: Why have'nt they released HSCPT1 yet?

I'm in the camp that always enjoyed the pre zadar mix of TMR over the "polished" version. Even it was "muddy" I liked the original better version.

I also agree with most of you on there only being one album and them just pushing renaming HSCP1 to #2 to coincide with #2's release date.

The Dylan track and others were possibly never finished with a few other half-finished songs that were possibly going to come out later.

I also agree that 30 + years of music is just fine but I would love to hear and own the pre-zadar mix with the original track order, album cover and lyrics. We know they changed up the lyrics for TMR and Here's a little Something for ya.
That would be equally as great for me as an album of new material.
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