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Default Re: Why have'nt they released HSCPT1 yet?

Originally Posted by Micodin View Post
i personally want to hear them because imo the pre-Zdar Part One mixes sound a lot closer to the CYH, IC, HN, Mario C vibes. my fav Beastie eras. The Zdar mixes are a little too slick and modern for my liking. they sound like remixes to me.
That is where my head is. Which versions are better is a matter of preference like Dave790 says. My thing is that I want to hear all of it. We'd all shit ourselves if we got a studio version of Desperado. I know it is not a fair comparison in terms of different versions of songs vs unreleased songs, but the original HSCP1 to me is like a demo. It is a demo that I want to have the same way some of us take the time to compare different pressing of clean versions of Get It Together to spot differences. That's just me though. Not a matter of quality, just a matter of perspective (and love for the band).
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