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Default Re: i'm looking for something..

Originally Posted by ham and cheese View Post
I was actually going to post about this ages ago! Youíre not going mad my friend - somewhere I have a video tape with this interview, a true classic. Adrock was high as a kite it seemed and they started the interview by all hugging Mr Ross, they talked about the British press, New Kids on the block and yes, Adrock was compared to Rainman, to which Jonathan received another hug! I remember watching it all those years ago whilst having my tea and must have watched it over and over many times.

Hereís the bad news, sadly I would have no idea how to get this online for you - just thinking off the top of my head, I could film it using my web cam maybe and create a file to upload - it wonít be great, but youíll get to see it.

Leave it with me, Iíll see what I can do.
dont worry if its a mission , i actually have leads to convert video to pc but dont have a video anymore, ha!
its just good to know someone else knew what i was talking about

Originally Posted by roosta View Post
give it time, we will go in wonderous directions. mainly calling people cunts. Incognito

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