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Default Re: Marvel Cinematic Universe

Originally Posted by Micodin View Post
while everyone is going Avengers Endgame crazy this is just a friendly reminder that the Beasties exist in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. in Iron Man 2 "Groove Holmes" is playing when Tony Stark was chillin' in the big donut when Nick Fury goes to talk to him.
forgot about that. been awhile since watching 2, not my fav marvel movie so I've only seen 1x.

what did everyone think about endgame? a fitting conclusion me thinks. i'm amazed they were able to mostly bring together 22 movies and leave us with a very satisfying end. plus they just pretty much nailed casting across the board and that went a long way.

sorry figured we're all in the same time zone in our heads being here for so many years together....just wondering what y'all thought.

thank you adam adam & mike

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