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Post Re: So.. who are you remixers anyway?

My name is Ben, I'm 25 years old and I have been a Beastie enthusiast maybe forever (wait... I discovered Public Enemy First... ).
I started to make music with an old 4-track tracker on my Amiga computer around the year 1996. It was the so very naive times of me sampling hardcore techno and gabber tunes to rearrange them. Nowadays I use mostly Propellerheads Reason to create what I like to call music, but I plan on switching this summer to Renoise, a state-of-the-art modern tracker with VST capabilities.
I also mix drum & bass (65 mb .mp3 mixtape) & techno in a collective.

My current serious occupation is being a student in a multimedia school in switzerland. We learn stuff like graphic design, website design, video and all that.

My best remix is The Move (Chill Output Remix).



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