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Post I wrote an article about The Aquatic Sessions

Last year I wrote about The White House unreleased Beastie Boys album, and an unreleased Grand Royal / Mo' Wax compilation. Today I'm publishing a new article on another unreleased Beastie Boys album (which probably doesn't really exist): The Aquatic Sessions.

You can read it here on Medium.

I remember when Sir Dan used to claim on this board that he bought a DAT from the Beasties which he called The Aquatic Sessions. It was apparently from the Hello Nasty sessions, and I think he said it was just them goofing around with underwater effects applied to their voices. But he refused to release it and most people assumed he was making it all up.

Anyway it was a hotly debated topic back in the day so I wanted to try and research it. I didn't go in to the Sir Dan stuff in detail since those posts don't exist here anymore.

Let me know if you remember anything else

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