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Default Re: Stay Well, Everyone.

Originally Posted by b-grrrlie View Post
I really hope people understand that you need to keep away from other people!
I caught the virus, had ten days really high fever and was in hospital for a week. Now I'm at home on two weeks quarantine. I still have hard to breath, but I'm getting better.
Wow, I hope you've come through the worst of it and are on the mend. Where I live, we had a little time to get ready and the local government took it seriously, but when neighbor states don't do the same I hope it still matters.

It's been a big change for me. My work is deemed essential but I can do most of it at home so I do. That means I'm in my house for several days in a row and even when I go to work I only see a few people. My work is busy so days are full. But in my "normal" life, I'm rarely home except to sleep, so I'm feeling pretty trapped--but hanging in there.

I've thought of the BBMB old-time members often in the past month or so. I find that listening to music brings even more solace than usual, and I remember so much that I experienced because someone from here gave me a good tip. I have many thank-yous to give. Best wishes to all. <3
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