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Default Re: Stay Well, Everyone.

Originally Posted by b-grrrlie View Post
I really hope people understand that you need to keep away from other people!
I caught the virus, had ten days really high fever and was in hospital for a week. Now I'm at home on two weeks quarantine. I still have hard to breath, but I'm getting better.

Glad you are on the upswing of the virus. Scary shit!

I'm immunocompromised. have not left my house in a month. I can't risk coming in contact with anybody who may have it. I almost definitely will not survive, as I have multiple underlining conditions and a severely weakened immune system.

It's such a weird time for us all.

Luckily my wife and both small kids are very healthy. So they go for walks in big open parks and hikes in woods to stay sane. I watch a lot of movies, do a lot of cleaning, and listen to a lot of music.

Hope to see everybody on the other side of this sooner than later. Good luck, stay safe! Stay healthy.

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