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Default Re: Death by hand sanitizer

Well people do things, they do not let others know, then other people are affected. Nothing new.

What is better? Trickle up economics or tickle down?

Anyway, I am thinking about Steve Martin Vs. Chevy Chase Vs. Martin Short……

The Criteria is: Great Comedians that made a movie with a trio in the 80’s.

So obviously if we were talking about the best comedians, we would have a long list. A few that come to mind are …… Dave Chapel, Eddie Murphy, Will Ferrell, plus a hundreds more not to mention the above referenced.

The movie I am talking about, Three Amigos, would not have been as great as it was without Martin Short. But sometimes I wish Bill Murry had been in that movie. Not to replace him but as the 4th Amigo.

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