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Default Re: Why I dislike the new album

i think its funny how people are quoting tt5b to dis who ever started this..
its .. well its silly really.
but who else would be quoted here. its cute. .. its sweet..

okay yeah. enough of that. i like the new album. .. its nice. if i were to quote it as a dis.. id use.. "dont mean to bring static" except i would change "dont mean" to "no need" .. see what i did there? "no need to bring static" yeah.. okay...

and i agree that people need to stop posting the same thing over and over again.. "i hate blah blah blah" or "i think blah blah blah is hot" or "they're too political...blah blah blah" ..

and to all the people who get overly worked up about it.. big deal.. its not like ur gonna die if someone doesnt like every word on a beastie cd... lighten up. its just the interent.. its not like you're gonna throw down in a dark and dank alley way...

but who knows i could be wrong..

"someone in our family had taken to wiping their ass on the bath towels. what made this exceptionally disturbing was that all our towels were fudge colored..." - sedaris

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