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Swedish (very important, at least used to be) music journalist Andres Lokko Beastie Boys changed my life

Translation (with google-translate so it might read a bit funny):

5 maj 2012 kl 14:13, updated: 6 maj 2012 kl 12:17
A friend in high school gave me a C90 cassette with The Beastie Boys Licence to ill on one side and RUN DMCs Raising Hell on the other.

- This is something completely new and you will never listen to music the same way again, he said confidently.

It was 1986 and as a cocky teenager I didnít take him seriously. But he was absolutely right. That tape changed in so many ways my whole life.

I know that music journalists have the ability to use just that the wording a little too often, sometimes without really thinking. But this tape set for the first time the door wide for hip hop. At least for me, and it seldom left my Walkman in the school hallway in Jacob's school.

This cassette also changed what I had called rap to hip hop. And as a rather lonely modernist, with a head full of arguments about pop music, and without anyone to really share them, I could not stop listening.

This was the future. So it seemed. Everything happened almost exactly the same time: The Style Council and Robert Elms made me discover modern contemporary soul, The Pet Shop Boys and David Toop did the same for house music and the Beastie Boys and Stuart Cosgrove was the portal to New York with its hip-hop and street fashion there was no turning back from where you've gone into it.

All the pilgrimages to the Beastie Boys store for clothing label X-Large at Lafayette in New York - and whence came the furious sampled flutes on Check your head? Forever so underrated album Paul's Boutique, their ingenious magazine Grand Royal, and world domination that followed.

Somewhere in the late 1990's, Beastie Boys and me lost the connection. We grew in different directions but respect for their original offense, I will never lose.

Adam Yauch, better known as MCA, the so-handsome graying third of The Beastie Boys, lost his three-year battle with cancer on Friday. He was 47 years old and thus was the same age as me when he first received his diagnosis.

As a new father in the same generation are affected perhaps harder than the injustice and sadness of such a kind-hearted champion of Tibet's freedom - and also the father of a young daughter - snatched away before their time.

When I just the other week was unpacking a cardboard box after moving I found a small box of old photos, saved postcards and letters from long ago. At the bottom of it there was a Rolex replica from X-Large.

The battery of course, had run out since several years, the hands had stopped at a quarter to seven. But this afternoon it is me who takes it to the first best watchrepairer and wear it like an armband in memory of Adam Yauch.

So This Is What I've Got To Say To You All
Be True To Yourself And You Will Never Fall

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