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Default Re: Adam Yauch - 1964-2012

License To Ill was the second album I ever bought. I vividly remember over 20 years ago going to a block party in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn and the usual guido/wiseguy older kids were playing Paul Revere over and over and over and over. I was absolutely mesmerized and couldn't get enough. It took me forever that day to find out who was singing this song and when I did I went home that night and the seed was planted, I needed this shit. The next morning, while my dad was at work and my mom was in the shower I went into her purse and took a 20 dollar bill. My friend and I walked from my house all the way into Bay Ridge on 5th Ave to Record Factory and I bought the tape. We practically ran our entire way home and when we got there and we popped in that cassette it was like our eyes were opened. We spent the entire day listening to the album, I spent my entire life since enjoying every track put out by the Beastie Boys. It was worth the beating I caught from ma dukes when she realized I lifted the 20 from her purse.
My musical tastes always varied as with many but always and forever on my playlist are the Beasties. You all helped provide the soundtrack of my life, you all represent to me the true essence of New York City that draws millions here yearly and keeps millions here living. From the graf covered subways of my youth to the skyline that's been changed since 9/11 you all covered it with a realness, innovation and love that cannot be matched.
No celebrity death has ever cast the dark cloud of sadness over me like MCA's. While I didn't know the man personally he has in some way been a part of my life. I felt true loss when I heard the news and felt as if a piece of my youth and my life was snatched away from me way to early.
Much love to Adam 'MCA' Yauch and his family and crew, much love to the Beastie Boys for making my life and millions of others a little bit better and much love to the City that enabled them to give us this gift. RIP son, while your body may have passed to the other side your legacy is eternal.

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