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Default Re: Adam Yauch - 1964-2012

I have just now considered myself ready to check out the boards. Been enjoying the tributes. You gotta love the love everyone is displaying. For me, I feel like Yauch & the Beasites either taught or led to me to everything that was worth knowing in the world. Nonviolence, respect for all peoples, the interconnectedness of life, and other timeless principles. I feel so fortunate that I had the pleasure of learning such important lessons through the band I loved since I was 7 years old (when License to Ill came out in 1986). It always seemed like I was entering the age when I was ready to understand such lessons as their new albums came out (specifically with regard to Check Your Head, Ill Communication, and Hello Nasty as I was 13, 15, and 19 respectively). As they matured, so did I. They have been as important in setting me on my life's path as anyone I know (immediate family excluded).

"There's nothing here that's not been said before, But I put it down now so I'll be sure, To solidify my own views and I'll be glad if it helps anyone else out too."

It has. Thank you Adam. Namaste.

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