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Default Re: well France is fucked up

Maybe not

Don't forget that Sarko is from the same party that told Bush to stuff his war up his cul.

I think you'll find his position similar to that of Chirac.

As for the rest, he's simply going to encourage the French to work a little harder, get fired a little easier and reward them with lower taxes, fewer civil servants, trains on strike days and more job opportunities.

He's going to have problems with the unions... but he'll find a way. He's had two of the most horrible jobs you can have - minister for the Economy and minister for the Interior, both of which he did well at. Apparently Chirac (who hates his guts) gave him these jobs in the hope that It'd make him look bad, so that De Villepin would get the nomination for UMP leader - and he did them so well that it backfired and made him look good!

Don't worry, Sarkozy's not 'Right Wing' in the way that Bush and Kim Jong-il are, he's just a very, very clever man who is exactly what France needs after years of grandpappy Jacques!

nixon and bush are the bitches of the same master - bionic

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