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Default I missed this place

just recovered my password and popped back on for the book tour details.
What a blast from the past... I'm so happy the bbs is still up and running.
Thank you to all who have maintained it over the years.

The bbs was my home screen in high school and I remember the hype of checking every day for details on tt5b; snippets, samples, teasers... and freaking out over seeing "the hiatus is back off"
those days were really magical...

Even though I live in Florida now, you can bet your ass I booked a flight to NY for both Live and Direct events there... It'll be almost 14 years to the day that I saw them live on the pageant tour (that concert is still a milestone in my life) - and I couldn't let this chance pass me by. Seeing Mike and Adam live one more time is legit top of my bucket list - A1.... this will be quite literally a pilgrimage for me to celebrate a band that shaped my life.
hope to see some of you there - cheers
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