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Default Re: KRS-One shouts out wrong Beastie Boy in Song dedicated to dead rappers

Originally Posted by dave790 View Post
I have a lot of respect for KRS, and the sentiment is nice, but this is staggering.
He's one of my favourite rappers (besides Beasties), but this pushes him down quite a few notches.

Originally Posted by Bradleystp View Post
While it is crazy KRS made this error, it really is unbelievable that nobody (producers, mixers, engineers, friends, etc) caught this either!
That IS quite unbelievable!

Originally Posted by Sir SkratchaLot View Post
I lost any respect I had for KRS when he shrugged off the Afrika Bambaataa child sexual abuse allegations. This is just icing on the cake.
I'd never heard of that either (not about Bambaataa nor KRS's opinion on it).

Even tho KRS-One is (was?) one of my favourite rappers this makes me less sorry that I didn't go to his gig here in Stockholm a few weeks back. I usually go to gigs every week, sometimes several (like four gigs in three days last week, and I'm 57....) my work wears me out and sometimes I'm too tired to go out, as was the case here. Now I wonder if I ever will go to see him live (if he ever comes back to these shores).

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