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if it was me i'd have a tesla solar roof among other.. things ie solar paint and windows etc.., and a tesla battery to store the energy for the house and car... everyone should have this i think.

pros and cons?? what will it do to the richest 1% and... opecs economy.. aroudn the world...?

who gives a fuck, they don't.
they have more than their fair share.
but seriously i worded that wrong.. we all give a fuck when we awaken or we'd kill ourselves.

so come on people.. get some!!!

what to do?? there's so much!!!

instead of building another million dollar bomb our 18 yo kids in 'our' military did to kill real 10 yo kids learning islam in a school like bush did and worse... for so long.. and still... for among other things..(their god) guns oil and drugs ... maybe a world wide campaign to build canals from coast to coast to get water hwere it's needed might be a better thing to do??!!!

i know you motherfuckers got the fucking memo on this shit long ago but now i'm jsut getting pissed.\
but i'ma stay focusd... there's desalienating tech needed and a pipeline.. make it happen captain... oh and the military should have an MOS for this type thing maybe... a branch of the military dedicated to rebuiliding and restoring war torn places. lots more would sign up and the world would be better place yes??

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