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Talking Lots of rare items for sale

I have lots of rare items for sale. They are all the duplicate copies I've ended up with after combining my collection with those from astrobboy, beastienut, and ProfD (RIP). Originally I was looking to pass all the duplicates on to one collector who would like to have them, but there just aren't any people that want 50 copies of Licensed To Ill. I've finally gotten to the place where every scrap of info that needs to be archived has been (4 years worth of archiving).

I'm not gonna spam the boards with auction links, or try to keep a thread going where anyone interested can keep the conversation about collecting in the limelight. It's not a bitch move to make some $$$. Its me wanting (in equal parts) to recoup what I spent to put it all together, get my living room back, and channel all of the extra stuff I've accumulated to the people I know will appreciate it most.

I'm very purposefully NOT trying to hawk my shit on this board so if you want to get to me here is the info...

On ebay I'm bigfatlove. You can get me through there for items I have listed already. For want lists, send them to my personal email.

That is all.
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