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Originally Posted by tuc70021 View Post
CYH and IC are my favorite eras for singles and EPs. B-sides were amazing, cover art was cool, the different versions and remixes of album cuts were dope.
No doubt! I vividly remember when Check Your Head came out in 1992. I bought the tape but passed on the Jimmy James cassingle, figuring "why pay $5 for a few tracks when I can buy the album for something like $12?" Shortly after Ill Communication came out I was at a guys house and he had Pass the Mic and So Whatcha Want CD singles. I taped those from him and my mind was kind of blown because there was some dope stuff on those (particularly Skills to Pay the Bills). I started buying all the Ill Communication singles but the Check Your Head singles were impossible to find by then. When eBay came out around 1997 it became MUCH easier to find stuff. I started going back and scooping up the CYH singles and that's when I corrected by mistake, got the Jimmy James single, plus the Gratitude single. I also discovered in my overseas travels that CD singles hung around a LOT longer over there. You could go to HMV and whatnot and they'd have stuff from years ago. The European issues never seemed to be quite as good as the US releases though (I still bought them anyway).
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