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Default Re: Lots of rare items for sale

Originally Posted by brooklyndust View Post
Did the Check Your Head Era ever produce any 45's?

I could be mistaken but I think that's the only era that doesn't have any.
I was JUST thinking of this yesterday. As far as I know there have never been any official 7" records from the CYH era.

Ill Communication seems to have been the goldmine of 7" releases. They came out in all kinds of colors, limited editions, bonus tracks, etc. The "For Jukeboxes Only" promo 7"s off that album are great because they comes in so many colors, then there's the Sure Shot burgundy release and Get It Together green release. And they all had such great tracks. The Get It Together jukebox promo is one of my favorite singles for no other reason than that it has Futterman's Rule as the b-side. That's one of my favorite songs or all time, and it's dope to be able to just drop the needle on that track solo and have a listen.

Sorry.... bit of a rant there.....
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