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Default Re: New Colored Vinyl Reissues

Originally Posted by tuc70021 View Post
I think there are still grounds for people who purchased with a credit card to file for a refund (this might be a US thing - not sure how credit cards work around the world).

If the terms under which a purchase was made are deemed fraudulent, a credit card company will often reimburse you and try to get their money back from the seller. This is often a better method because if a major credit card issuer suddenly starts calling bullshit on a seller, the seller is more likely to give in since the treat of just me boycotting them is minimal, but the treat of an entire credit card company dropping them would be massive.
That's an angle I didn't consider. I am going to just continue to wait on the rest of the orders to arrive, catalog everything, and present KRM with an opportunity to respond.
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