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Default Re: New Colored Vinyl Reissues

Getting away from the many KRM debacles for a moment...

Has anyone been able to tell if these releases were different from a production standpoint at all?

I was listening the the purple Paul's Boutique and A Year And A Day really caught my attention. I then played my 2009 remaster and my 1989 original to try to hear the differences. 1989 is obviously notably different, but I couldn't tell if it was just me or if 2019 seemed louder and more bass heavy. The "Disco Dave" parts of the song sound kind of lost in the bass on the 2019 version. I mean, they all sound great, but I wasn't sure if these had been remastered again.

I haven't compared the other 2019 reissues yet, but was curious if anyone had any input on the whole production issue.
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