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Arrow Re: TISFWO, TT5B and HSCPT2 Vinyl Re-Issue

My memory is that the original In Sound from Way Out was a limited mail-order Grand Royal offer for the first 5,000 people that ordered. It was advertised in Grand Royal Magazine. The record came on transparent yellow vinyl and had a numbered hologram sticker. I suspect this was never meant to be anything more than a limited release at the time they did this. It was really just a compilation of the album cuts of their albume tracks (or in some cases cuts from singles/eps). There was no new content (also, no CD or tape version was released). Keep in mind that not that many people were buying vinyl at this time. I'm not sure they were expecting it to be as successful as it was.

Some time later I think they figured out these instrumental tracks were worthy of more than a limited release. This was when the CD and black vinyl came out with the previously unreleased instrumental versions of Lighten Up and Namaste (at least, I always thought the vinyl reissue mirrored the CD, I could be wrong on this). Technically, this was the first re-release of this album. It appears that they put more thought and effort into the this release with the exclusive instrumental tracks and new song arrangement.

It seems odd to me that they would ever re-release the original yellow vinyl version because I suspect they put more effort into the project on the initial re-release to get the album where they thought it should be. But who knows! I guess we'll see.

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