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Default Re: Apparently now everyone is a fan

Originally Posted by 3stooges View Post
I kinda agree regarding the Paul's Boutique era. As someone that lived through it and hung in various scenes, I will say, yeah, there were people that were still into them for that album. It wasn't like it was unheard of. But compared to LTI, it may as well have been, to the average person. Most of the people that were into the album were more diverse type music fans, people that would be into alternative and classic rock as well as hip hop. Hardcore hip hop-only heads were in general not checking for PB and a lot of them never even heard it. It was a different time, with the afrocentric movement, the medallions and the X hats. As far as those folks were concerned, the Beasties were not really on their radar. And as for the mainstream music fan that bought LTI based on hearing Fight for you Right, they weren't going to go looking for something if it wasn't being played on the radio all day. So that album and CYH were where they really found out who their real fans were.
Spot on.
It seems more people like them these days than when they were releasing albums.

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