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Default Re: whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!?!?!?!

yeah that's true. no big deal to you but it's like .. what's it like? it's like.. to have talent like that in the same room and for there not to be a really good chemistry and experience is such a shame.. i mean.. we're all wasting time.. "the sky is falling..." -hello nasty

so.. my bad errbody! and sorry micodin. i'm a twat sometimes it's only cuz i feel fucked sometimes... but whatever not to bore you with my problems..

peace out

ps. oh all those who are cool and get it step forward... not so fast youngremy and half the other fools bent on having poor taste in music haha snl ametuer i know..

pps. 311 will always stand the test of time i wouldn't be such a critic there youngremy....

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