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Default Re: Looking for an Official Country Mike LP

Originally Posted by tuc70021 View Post
Oh wow, I had no idea sealed copies we be that "reasonably" priced. I wonder why they're still sealed? If they were given as gifts, it seems odd not to open it. Although I guess Michelle*s_Farm is in that boat. Is there a story there?
Great question. Each time you play an LP the sound quality degrades. I am a bit weird that way (my TT5B is unopened as well as my TMR). Also, I knew it was going to be a real collector's item because it was a limited pressing gift for friends of the band. If I recall correctly, I downloaded the MP3s from Napster (or some other old school file sharing service) at the time so I could at least hear the tracks rather than play them off the LP. My 'plan' was to sell it someday to send my child to university. Unfortunately, the price does not seem to be rising as high as I had hoped. Maybe the best I can hope for someday is buying them a bus ticket to Florida if they graduate with a PhD

"A lot of record companies look at the numbers and they'll be like, 'Your first record sold 5 million and your second record sold only 800,000. What happened? You guys fell off, I think the band all feels that the record did really well. Most musicians I grew up playing music with would probably shoot me if I ever complained about selling 800,000 records."

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