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Default Re: Looking for an Official Country Mike LP

Originally Posted by Sir SkratchaLot View Post
They were supposedly pressed for friends/family/grand royal employees but there were LOTS of copies (probably just leftovers) that ended up on eBay and other places for sale to the public. At one point a guy had a stock of the red ones and was selling them for something like $50 or $75 a piece. (I can't remember which). I have to imaging that people kept them sealed because they knew they were rare. A lot of them were opened only to find out the color of the vinyl.

You have to watch out for bootegs with this record but there are real ones out there. I can't say I've seen them as frequently as I used to, but they come up every once in a while.
they were even cheaper then that, i was lucky to get one of them, but that must have been more then 10 years ago, if not 15

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