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Originally Posted by yeahwho View Post

Until you've been exposed to a highly contagious disease prevented by an extremely safe vaccine, you have prejudice and 0 experience. I have experienced a Pertussis outbreak in my own family, my sister even though she was vaccinated has an odd blood type, somebody from Idaho who wasn't vaccinated was having a coughing fit while purchasing something from her at her job at the mall. She became deadly ill and stayed ill for months. It was hard to diagnose and all of the top doctors missed it. She got help from the low income public service clinic who document movements of whooping cough much more stringently. Which says volumes about who gets exposed the most to these deadly diseases.

Her husband, daughter and son were all put on erythromycin as a precaution. All of her close contacts for the initial 3 weeks she was contagious were notified. It's gravely serious what your saying and believing here, life and death serious. I actually believe you are the one who is callous.
Well, i am sorry to hear that.

It is not all black and white, i suppose.

I think i have to resume my opinion quickly here: What mostly repulse me about vaccins nowadays is the number of disease mix in one shot and the number of shot that one kid has to have before one year old and until he/her is a teenager. If you did check the video i put about the cells reacting to mercury , well you will understand my concern. Thimerosal still is in vaccins and this toxic do some damage.

So, like i said in earlier post, i don't deny totally the vaccins but i have some concern about what they put in the shot . Also, i think there is too many vaccins out there for just about anything. I do believe that lots of money are made on this type of business and that the health of people are not always the main focus of pharmaceutical companies, especially with the lobbying thing.

So, i think people who have kids should choose the vaccins they want to give and not give them all. A little baby who have 9 different diseases in his body in one day, is a bit insane. Too much nasty stuff in one time.

Maybe some middle ground would be the best .

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