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Originally Posted by yeahwho View Post
More recent information on vaccines further provides a clearer picture on how incredibly inept much of this information is.

MMR doctor Andrew Wakefield fixed data on autism

Due to this assholes irresponsibilty

people needlessly suffer

I support the right of people to refuse medical treatment for themselves and their dependents as long as they do so in a fully informed way. There has been a significant amount of misinformation spread by the anti-vaccine types who have little to no understanding of the scientific process. While I'll support their rights to display their ignorance to the public I think the blind acceptance of this viewpoint by so many people demonstrates a sad lack of critical thinking skills in the public.
There have been some very serious allegation made against Dr Wakefield this week on top of faking the original data. These include:

1)He was paid very large sums of money buy a law firm to develop a scientific case against MMR to help sue pharmaceuticals. A conflict of interest he never declared
2)He took out patents on single shot vaccines 9 months before the MMR study. The patented vaccines had the potential to become very profitable if the MMR were ever withdrawn. It is noted that Dr Wakefield recommended the withdrawal of MMR on the back of his Lancet paper

A good summary of the investigation here -

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