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Originally Posted by fucktopgirl View Post
There we go, a conspiracy website...This website seem pretty good to me, better then the one that yeawho post, if you would ask me.

Why a conspiracy? Because it goes again what you have been fed with all your life. Because it is another point of view which differ from the main stream propaganda.

The website is called 'What Doctors Don't Tell You'. This name suggests that doctors are engaged in a conspiracy against patients by not telling them things they need to know. That is why it is a conspiracy website - it is a website claiming that a conspiracy is going on, do you see?

You will also note that in the links you posted, the articles misrepresented the information (as I have demonstrated clearly above) in order to support their conspiracy theory - the theory that doctors have decided to secretly gang together to mislead the public and trick them into taken harmful treatments so that they and the pharmaceutical indurstry can make loads of money.

Your reference to mainstream propaganda is disturbing - I have shown you that you can view the underlying data yourself. I have shown you the studies in the medical journals, I have shown you the actual evidence against doctor Wakefield, these are the raw facts - unspoiled by commentary or opinion. YOU CAN DO THIS YOURSELF - USE GOOGLE.

Good science happens when you view evidence first and draw conclusions based on that evidence. If you have a website called, 'What doctors dont tell you' it means they have started from the premise that there is a conspiracy and are going to present evidence (or in this case misrepresetnt evidence) to support their case and they are going to filter out evidence that disagrees with them. That is to say, they start with the conclusion and search for evidence they can find to fit with that conclusion. This is how pseudoscience works and it does this because it is designed, not to find truth, but mislead people who do not understand the scientific method.

I am afraid I am rapidly losing patience with this. I am trying to help you but you continue to treat this as a personal attack. In the interest of helping you, I repeat my offer to help you find and understand scientific literature that may be of use to you. My continued reason for posting here is the hope that I can help protect the health of you and your family, however, it is becoming increasingly clear that I am not getting through to you, so I think this is probably a good end to this discussion.

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