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Originally Posted by dave790 View Post
Yeah, I've heard them say this before - the PB commentary maybe? The song is solid. I could probably do without the Pamstylin' at the end (funny at the time I'm sure), otherwise it's a neat little jam. Love the piano lines, and as mentioned the Cooper sample.

I remember playing this song for an ex-girlfriend, 15ish years ago, specifically because of those honky tonk player piano lines. Like I mimed them out when the song got to that point. And she was just like "so what? Practice long enough and you could play that too."

I said, "no, they SAMPLED that from some other record and made it fit in w/ everything else. It's ALL samples."

and she was just like"... Oh... that's actually pretty amazing. Yeah, this song is pretty great."

Also, yeah the funky Pam thing is silly. (and they've def shit on this song before. I am flabbergasted every time. That pasta primavera/Geraldo Rivera line makes me laugh every time I hear the song.

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