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Default Re: beastie book (spoilers)

Originally Posted by Jiberish View Post
Mike is Hilarious on that song. I think it's a really good beat, one of the best hooks they ever came up with, everybody has one or two good lines, and I dig it as a song.

At the same time, I was also a little disappointed. The collab bar they set after GIT and any appearance by Biz (and even Lee Perry, PHd) is very high.

Don't Play No Game... is a damn good collab and all around great track though.
Da fuq?... Don't Play No Game is in my top 2 worst Beastie Boys songs ever. Number 1 being Dr. Lee PHD.

The only collabs I liked were the ones with Biz, Q-tip, and Hurricane.

The great thing about the Beasties was they didn't need a bunch of collabs. Every song they did with just the three of them was usually perfection.
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