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Originally Posted by fucktopgirl View Post
This totally bollocks. You think you have a convincing thing with this thing?

As much as you dont believe my source of info, i dont believe a crap of yours.


Japan ban the MMR vaccin

Vaccin failed

FTP – I should have added that the site I linked to was owned by a journalist. I didn’t because the information in it is easy to verify.

For example – here is the Patent Office record of Wakefields application of 6th June 1997 regarding his new Vaccine. S

It includes the opening line

The present invention relates to a new vaccine/immunisation for the prevention and/or prophylaxis against measles virus infection
And here is the Freedom of information letter revealing Dr Wakefields receipt of taxpayers money for legal work conducted on MMR in the 90s

Still think it's bollocks?

By the way - the links in your post didnt work

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