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Default Re: What's this all about?

Originally Posted by djdjdj View Post
Fuck this shit. You already fucking ruined this board for me. The Beastie Boys are like my favorite band ever but now all I think of when I think about this forum is what kind of stupid bullshit is being posted on here about me by some dumb little bitch. I'm not even gonna look on here anymore. These are my last words to you: FUCK YOU.
Errm you ruined the board all by yourself by pming people total and utter abusive bollocks. You'll be back like a nasty little cold sore.

Besides, you brought attention to yourself by typing a whole load of stupid bullshit you johnson addict.

If someone had said to me face to face what you pm'd me, that person would be on the receiving end of a fuckin' good kicking.

Lets hope thay are your last words.

Originally Posted by some korean pirate View Post
13 multilateral atomic arms reduction.

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